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The Mazda 2 has it all: looks, comfort, practicality, driving dynamics and environmental credentials which makes the Mazda2 fun to drive. The Mazda 2 was designed by the same designer responsible for the Mazda RX-8 and it shows. It may be the size of a compact but with the soul of a sports car inside.

On the outside it's stylish and sporty, and always looks ready for action. The Mazda 2 is an incredibly light and agile car, which Mazda designed keeping the weight of the car down. Making it an agile and sporty drive and very fuel efficient, with less of a hit on the wallet when fueling and lower CO2 emissions.

2012 Mazda2 CanadaThe all new Mazda 2 is new to Canada, however it made its original debut in 1996 as a Mazda Demio, which was popular in Japan and South America for being a fuel efficient and compact vehicle. Now on its third generation, the Mazda 2 was released in Japan in 2007, in 2008 it won the World Car of the Year award for its modern looks, safety features and aerodynamic design.

The North American version for the Mazda 2 which is used here in Canada was unveiled at the Los Angeles AutoShow in 2009, being Mazda's first compact in Canada since discontinuing the Mazda 323 in 1995.

The Mazda 2 Canada and US version was made available in July of 2010 with a 1.5L engine, in Japan it came out with a 1.3L engine, while in Europe its available in a 1.4L and 1.6L diesel engine. With a starting price of under CAD$14,000 and 6.8L per 100km, making the Mazda 2 an easy choice.

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